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Campsite by the river at Vayrac

The Dordogne basin was classified in 2012 by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve and as the cleanest in France !

Close to the Les Granges campsite, you can take a dip after a few lengths in the heated swimming pool of our campsite.

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The Dordogne River as a biosphere reserve

The Dordogne Valley has been classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. It thus recognizes that our territory has fostered respect for biological and cultural diversity and encourages actions for responsible and sustainable development.

The quality of the river water favours the presence of a large variety of fish (39 species) and numerous birds (osprey, red kite, grey heron, kingfisher) and mammals (otter, European mink, bat)

Fishing in the Dordogne

So obviously, it’s a treat for fishing enthusiasts, public domain 2nd category watercourse, there are trout, pike, grayling, pike-perch, carp. You must remember to bring your fishing card.

Nearby, 5 minutes walk away, two small ponds have been set up for no kill fishing, perfect for introducing children to fishing.

From the campsite a small path will lead you, to the pebble beaches and islets, where you can sunbathe, relax and swim, wade, splash around, in lively water, but not too much.

Think rubber sandals and mattresses or buoys to let you drift gently and a mask and snorkel to see the aquatic fauna.

Its waters are clean and unpolluted. The proof is in the fauna that frequents it, such as otters, coypu, roe deer, wild boar, kingfishers, ospreys, herons and ducks.

Don’t forget to take your binoculars and camera, it’s amazing what you can see !!!

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Canoeing in the Dordogne

Of course, this is the ideal river for canoeing. Firstly because it offers different landscapes depending on the time of day and varied you can see villages, castles and because there are lively routes upstream, for those who like thrillers and quiet routes, suitable for the whole family.

This is the best place to canoe for the first time with children (over 7, that’s the legislation). And to vary the pleasures during your holidays camping Lot, try paddle stand up, it works all the muscles !!

Know this, the River Dordogne, on the Lot part, it is not the factory or the motorway at rush hours, no need to play elbows to clear a little space, no, here the river is not invaded by a crowd of canoes.

So it’s perfect for enjoying and contemplating its riches and having fun and playful moments, and yes we are here to have fun too !!!

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